We provide the tools for clients to trade successfully

Ubuntu Markets provides the platform and technology to clients globally for them to successfully trade many of the financial markets. Including forex, derivatives, and commodities.

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Company overview

As a top tier brokerage with full compliance and backed by well established international technology providers, clients from the majority of the world can safely trade with Ubuntu Markets.

Ubuntu Markets does have a focus on sub-Saharan Africa but does not limit its clients to only that region. Ubuntu Markets understands that this is a contested industry and has earned a bad name due to some players not doing things properly.

With an aim of client satisfaction, Ubuntu Markets aims to provide the most stable and reliable client experience possible. This will keep our clients profitable, and the company will also retain clients for longer.

ubuntu invest vision


The tag line “Spirit of Wealth” is not just some flowery words, and the company name Ubuntu Markets is not chosen at random.

Ubuntu is often translated as “I am because we are” or “humanity towards each other”. There are many understandings of the word Ubuntu, but it all comes back to a sense of community and togetherness. Ubuntu Markets will be your partner and get involved in the community as a support to help you achieve more.

The Spirit of Wealth is the inner desire that people have to achieve more. It’s not just about the numbers in your bank account, but real wealth. The ability to live the good life, to help your family, to relax, to experience the world and go on adventures. Or perhaps just to buy that super car! Wealth is more than just money, it’s everything that financial freedom can give you.

At Ubuntu Markets, our vision is to help create 100 new millionaires in Africa within five years. Will you be one of them?

ubuntu invest mission

Mission statement

Ubuntu Markets will inspire up and coming traders and entrepreneurs to attain new wealth.

By focusing on remaining the most stable and reliable brokerage and keep up to date with global technology so our clients remain at the forefront of traders internationally.

With aggressive marketing strategies and the highest quality service possible, Ubuntu Markets will become the number one brokerage in sub-Saharan Africa within 3 years.

ubuntu invest core vaules

Core values

While we are a company aimed at growth we will not deviate from our core values. This is the way forward to maintain sustainable growth for both Ubuntu Markets as well as our clients.

All our client interactions from any Ubuntu Markets staff member will be done in accordance to our internal ethics policy. Transparency and honesty to be of the utmost importance.

Honesty: We understand how important money is. It is far more personal than just numbers in an account. Our staff at Ubuntu Markets are required to be upfront and honest at all times regarding your investment. Even if its not the news you want. This allows issues to be solved quickly.

Innovation: Ubuntu Markets will remain on the forefront of technology platforms to ensure that our clients can compete globally in the financial markets.

Appreciation for our clients and staff: A company is just a piece of paper without clients and staff. We will continue to offer inhouse training for our staff to improve themselves as well as the level of service they can give to our clients.

The buck stops here: As an all in one brokerage, which offers you trading platforms as well as connecting you to top tier liquidity providers we won’t pass the buck. If something goes wrong, we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.