Scam check

Are you dealing with the real Ubuntu Markets?

Unfortunately this industry is full of scammers wanting to take your funds. And due to the success of Ubuntu Markets, we are seeing more and more of them using our branding and pretending to be us.

Ubuntu Markets strives to be the most secure trading platform, and a lot of trust we are building is being misused be scammers to get your money. Here are some things you can check to see if you are really dealing with Ubuntu Markets, or someone trying to take your money.

scam checker

WhatsApp Group

If you're on a WhatsApp group, then it is a scam. Ubuntu Markets does NOT use WhatsApp groups for communication. We do have some individual WhatsApp numbers linked from our official social media accounts where you are sent to our sales team. But we have no groups, and do not plan on ever using WhatsApp for groups. WhatsApp groups publish the contact numbers of participants, and for security reasons we cannot use this method.


Telegram Channels/Groups

Ubuntu Markets has one single Telegram Channel that we use to publish article updates, info on upcoming streams, signals and other useful information. This is the link to the ONLY Telegram channel we run If it is not that channel, then it is a scam.


WhatsApp with Miss Nelisiwe Masango

This is another popular scam. And we've read a lot of these conversations, they are very good at what they do. Miss Masango is no longer involved in any way in the business, but even if she was she does NOT use her personal WhatsApp to conduct business with the exception of perhaps a few people who have known her for years on a personal level. If you believe you are in a direct conversation with Miss Masango, please reach out to us to confirm this. You can email and include the cellphone number you are speaking with. Miss Masango's personal assistant will reach out to her to confirm if this is one of her numbers for you. We will not give out her personal numbers.


High Return Investment Schemes

A very popular scam is posting that you will receive very high returns for a small investment. The idea is that you give them some money, and after a few days they've doubled it and pay it back. This is NOT something that we do, nor will ever do. We can go as far as to say there are ZERO chances that these sorts of investment schemes actually exist since the numbers they post is unrealistic. Ubuntu Markets does offer a Copy Trader program that will allow you to copy other successful traders, some of which show good returns, but nothing like what they display. You will never be required to send money to an individual trader. Your deposit will always go into your account.


Asked to Deposit into a Private Account

Ubuntu Markets is an authorised financial services provider. We're a well established company. We will not ask you to make a deposit into a personal account. The vast majority of our deposits are done through our client portal which you get access to after creating a free account with us. For our larger clients we do accept direct deposits, but we encourage you to please reach out to us to confirm the banking details. You can use the form below and submit the given banking details for our finance team to confirm.


Verify or Submit Scam

If you want to verify that the person/people you are chatting with are part of Ubuntu Markets, or if you want to submit information on a known scam to help us shut them down then please fill out the form below.

Your Details

In order for us to contact you regarding verification on someone's details, we need your information. Please note that this information will never be handed over to a third party.
Let us know if you are wanting to confirm that you are dealing with the real Ubuntu Markets, or if you are submitting information on an ongoing scam. We really appreciate any and all information sent regarding these to assist us with taking legal action against these people.
We need your details so we can update you on the outcome of your check

Their Details

You might not have all this information, so none of the fields are required. But the more information you give us the more accurate we can be when verifying the person, or helping us track them down in the event they are scammers.
Please enter the name you want to verify or report. Please enter whichever name they are claiming.
If they have supplied any email addresses, please enter it here.
Let us know the details of the scam. Please include any information you can. This is both helpful for verifying if you are dealing with the official Ubuntu Markets, as well as chasing up and shutting down scammers
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